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Please click here to read a recent interview on how the MO-CASE Administrator Mentoring Program is beneficial to both mentors and mentees!

Administrator Mentoring Program (AMP)
For New Special Education Directors

MO-CASE seeks to continuously increase and improve services to its members and supporters.  The MO-CASE Board especially understands the challenges of new special education administrators as they assume important leadership responsibilities within their school districts.  In accordance with this effort and understanding, MO-CASE partnered with DESE in August of 2009 to manage the AMP program for new special education directors.

Beginning September 1, 2009, new special education administrators seeking a mentor will register for the AMP Program through MO-CASE. 

Once registered, MO-CASE will then pair the new special education administrator with a veteran special education administrator as a mentor.  (Note: If the new administrator wishes to request a specific mentor, s/he should specify the mentor's information in the section provided on the registration form. MO-CASE will make every effort to place the mentee with their preferred mentor.)

It is the new special education administrator’s responsibility to obtain the school district’s superintendent’s approval before the mentoring program can begin.   Ten (10) hours of contact per year is required between the mentor and the new special education administrator, for a two (2) year period. A log of such time must be completed and turned in to MO-CASE for the mentor to receive the certificate. This contact time must be completed by April 30th of both years.

The new special education administrator should log all contact hours with their mentor in support of certification renewal.  Mentor/mentee roundtables will be provided at the Special Education Administrators Conference in September and the MO-CASE Spring Law Conference. These sessions will focus on timely issues and leadership and should be attended by mentor and mentee.  

Successful special education administrators in various regions will be asked to serve as mentors.

Please click HERE to register and email gayle.willey@mo-case.org to let us know you are interested!

Supporting Documents:

AMP Mentoring Log.doc

Mentor Criteria:

-Have served in a special education leadership role for at least 5 years.
-Serve in a position within an LEA which has the responsibility of multiple facets of the special education program.
-Agree to meet with the mentee by phone, virtually or face to face a minimum of ten hours per year. 
-Agree to encourage the mentee to attend local LASE meetings,

become a member of MO-CASE and access other resources currently available throughout the state.

Mentor Registration 

Suggested Mentor/Mentee Topics 

(All activities are cross referenced with the AMP Leadership Dimensions)

For more information about the AMP Program of Missouri, you may go to this website: 


If you have any questions regarding the Mentoring Program, please contact our office by email gayle.willey@mo-case.org


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